Beer 4 pack bundle bag

Beer 4 pack bundle in brown paper bag.

We have four beers for you to choose from:-

  • Modelo 4 x 355ml
  • Peroni 4 x 330ml
  • Madri 4 x 330ml

Also included in our bag is Torres 150g crisps & a Scottish product, D!p, Relish the Dip! made in small batches near Aberdeen.  Original, fresh flavours which are gluten & vegan free.



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Additional information

Beer Pack

Modelo, Peroni, Madri

Torres 150g

Smoked Paprika, Cured Cheese, Black Truffle, Iberian Ham, Fried Egg


Papa Dont Peach, Tequila Little Time, Rasp-beret Chipolte

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